Customer success managers should be talking to customers. Our AI assistant handles the rest.

Locusive's customer success copilot handles the tedious admin work that comes with managing customer accounts, letting you focus on generating revenue.

Effective Customer Success Is Hard

Servicing complicated customer requests is time-consuming and tedious

Your customer success team is the front line of your business, but they're inundated with low-value requests that take time away from more important things.

Low Value Requests

Customers frequently ask for low-value, time-consuming, custom work that doesn't help your business grow

Time Consuming Work

After handling all of your customers' requests, your CSMS don't have time for more strategic work

Not Scalable

As your customer base grows, it's impossible to provide personalized, high-quality service to everyone

Locusive's Concierge Can Automatically Handle Complicated Requests

Locusive's Concierge will learn about your business and access your data sources to provide your customers with personalized guidance and support


Configure Locusive's Concierge to take the right actions at the right times based on your customers' needs

Seamlessly Integrates

Effortlessly connect our Concierge with your data ecosystem for contextual, personalized responses

Fast Resolutions

The Concierge can pull data from multiple sources to create answers quickly and accurately

Easy To Interact With

You can interact with the Concierge as part of your existing workflow, and one day your users will be able to access it in your company's application as well.

Personalized Interactions

The Concierge is an assistant that's designed to delight customers by providing them human-level responses in seconds

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize the Concierge's ability to analyze customer interactions, providing actionable insights for growth

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GrantExec Uses Locusive To Create Personalized Funding Reports
GrantExec Uses Locusive To Create Personalized Funding Reports
Locusive improved our response times and reduced our costs by 80-85%... My experience working with the Locusive team was incredible.
PARCO Uses Locusive's Chatbot For Slack To Facilitate Knowledge Sharing
PARCO Uses Locusive's Chatbot For Slack To Facilitate Knowledge Sharing
Locusive was like having a super teammate on our side who knows all the information about our business.
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