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Locusive analyzes your data with AI so you can see how customers use your products.

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Julie Cohen (TopCommerce)
I have a client, JLB Credit, that's really focused on revenue growth. Do we have any feedback from users that speak to how our ecommerce product has helped them drive revenue?
Sure thing, one second...

Tired of your Customer Success team wasting time with messy data?

CSMs spend too much time sifting through messy and hard-to-access data to find insights about how their customers interact with their products.

Pulling and analyzing data is a bottleneck to more strategic work

Finding and analyzing specific data for each customer can be a tedious chore, or might even require engineers and data scientists that your CSMs don’t have access to. Let AI do the work so your CSMs can focus on a strategy for retaining the customer.

CSMs get bogged down with requests, leading to fewer accounts per CSM

Aggregating and synthesizing data from multiple sources takes time away from building strategies for client retention and growth, and can cause you to over-hire CSMs to make up for the backlog.

Shawn Facilida
to me
15 hours ago
Hi John, can you send me an update on our key metrics for CAC, spend, and payback periods? I'm trying to put together a deck here and figured you'd be able to grab those faster than I could.
Sarah Jameson
to me
9 hours ago
Hey John, my boss just asked me to grab the latest utilization numbers, can you send those over ASAP?
Dave Farraday
to me
3 hours ago
Hi John,

Hope all's well. Mind grabbing me a report on which one of our users has the highest and lowest numbers on the app? Sooner the better!
Melissa Jones
to me
1 hour ago
Hi John,

When you get a sec, do you mind getting me a report that contains a list of our key stakeholders and how much time they spent searching in the app?
Allie Carter
to me
Just now
Hi John, can you let me know if you've got any suggestions for optimizing performance across the three channels we wanted to run with you all?

Your team can struggle to show value without the right data and metrics

Customers today need to see value beyond standard product reporting metrics. If your team can't tell a story of how your product is helping the customer achieve more nuanced organizational goals, customers will churn.

Offload tedious information retrieval, analysis, and reporting to AI

Locusive's copilot extracts and synthesizes data on specific themes that your CSMs need to add value to clients, such as employee retention, revenue growth, and productivity

Seamlessly pull and retrieve data, no matter where it lives

Locusive connects into your existing data sources and figures out where the right data lives and what data to retrieve for each request.

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Let AI handle the complex data science

Locusive can analyze data, find patterns, and aggregate information at scale so that all you need to do is tell a story around the results.

Work in natural language, not code

Just talk to Locusive to tell it what you need and it'll find your data for you. No need to write SQL or give it step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is ask.

"Locusive reduced our response times and improved our costs by 85%" - Ryan Alcorn

Locusive's assistant and API let me find the personalized information that I needed for each of my clients in just seconds, vs. hours before.

GrantExec uses Locusive to improve their ability to provide customers with high-value responses

GrantExec was struggling to find the most relevant offerings from their database for each customer until they started using Locusive.

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Become data-driven and improve your CS team's efficiency

Offload data querying, analysis, and reporting to an AI copilot that’s connected to your internal data sources and responds to simple natural language prompts

Find the data you need
Search and retrieve the data you need to tell the right narrative
Delight your customers with faster responses
Don't wait on your data team to get back to customers
Handle more accounts with the same number of CSMs
Automate the most time-consuming parts of the job to empower your team

A one-stop AI assistant for product, commercial, and support-related data tasks

2 out of 3 CSMs at enterprise SaaS companies say they spend a significant portion of their working day on repetitive admin processes1, most of which is data aggregation and analysis.

Locusive handles these seamlessly so CSMs can focus on maximizing their time with clients.

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