Easily store, chat, search, and query your data with code

We handle all of the annoying parts of embedding and refreshing your data so you can get along with building what you need to without worrying about the hassles of managing infrastructure

Simple RESTful Interface

Access the API using the same standard RESTful interfaces you're used to

No Infrastructure Hassles

We maintain the databases so all you need to do is write the code

Automatic Data Updates

We'll refresh data from any public URLs that you provide automatically on a schedule

Build Your Own Chatbots

Use Locusive's API to send and retrieve chat messages within the context of your knowledge base

Fast Data Search

Get the most relevant documents, document snippets, and data for a query in just seconds

Docs In OpenAPI Format

Highly-detailed docs that make it easy to know what to send in and what you get back


Built by developers,
for developers

When we were first creating the API, we debated between creating a GRPC service or a RESTful interface. We went with REST to make it easier for developers to test with Postman, implement code, analyze the results.

We've put that same level of thoughtfulness into the rest (no pun intended) of the API.

Standard Interface

HTTP-based auth & JSON responses

We love technology as much as the next tech team, but we also know you've got plenty to do and don't need to play around with new, exotic standards. You can access our API with a simple API key as a Bearer token and get responses back in JSON.

See API Docs

Let us manage the infrastructure

Our system handles all the data indexing, refreshing, scaling, and embedding calls. All you have to do is send us your data using straightforward API requests and we'll do the rest.

Fast Search

Search millions of records in seconds

Most of our customers use our API to store and search through huge datasets to get the most relevant context for their queries in seconds.

See API Docs

Need a hand with the implemenation?

We know your team's busy, that's why we provide implementation services to help you get up and running with our API quickly.

API Success Stories

how GrantExec reduced costs and improved customer deliverables With Locusive's API

See how Ryan Alcorn, founder of GrantExec, used Locusive's API to query an 8,000-row Google Sheets database to optimize how he delivered recommendations to his customers.