Is your team wasting time searching for that one detail,snippet,metric,sentence,email,document,answer?

Connect your business apps and data sources. Get an assistant that understands your company. Chat in your existing Slack workspace.


A powerful new interface for getting the answers you need

Chat Interface

Interact with your data in the most natural way possible

Save Time

No more wasted time looking for that one detail or answer

Team Collaboration

Let anyone from your team chat with your data

Increased Automation

Just tell the bot what you need and let it do the hard work

Higher Efficiency

It's like having a super teammate who knows about all your data

Centralized Access

Access all your data in a single, easy-to-use interface


A Custom Chatbot For Slack That Knows Your Business

Help your team increase productivity and reduce mental fatigue by giving them access to a "super teammate" that's plugged in to your data.


Works with the apps you already use

Plug in the apps and data sources you use every day with just a single click. No more having to use a hundred different search functions or file browsers.

search or ask

Natural language data search and answers

Chat with the bot directly to get a single answer, or use it to search across your entire knowledge base to find the most relevant documents for your queries.

Trusted Answers

No more made up answers or hallucinations

Our chatbot shows you where it found your answers, either from your data, or from searching the web. If it can't answer your question, it will say so.

Chatbot Success Stories

How pARCO increased their team efficiency using Locusive to search for Data

Learn how John Mantia, founder PARCO, uses Locusive's search and chat technology to increase his team's efficiency by helping them share knowledge, find answers, and chat with their data.