Connect your apps and data sources to Locusive

Locusive has connections with the tools and data sources you're already using so you can quickly find the information you need.


Use the content from your relational databases to have our assistants find answers to your queries with SQL.

Documents & Links

Use the content from your own PDF files or from web pages you find online as part of your knowledge base.

Google Docs

Use Google Docs as a source of information for your knowledge base or include them in your search results.

Google Drive

Add the contents of any PDF, Google Doc, .docx, or .txt file from your Google Drive folders to your knowledge base.

Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets to structure your data into rows and columns (like a database), you can use Locusive to find answers across and about any row.


Get answers about your Salesforce leads, accounts, and deals by incorporating Salesforce's API into Locusive's chat assistants.