Customer data synthesized and served in Slack

Prepare for QBRs, track product engagement, and spot churn risks without leaving Slack.

Talk to your data like you talk to your team

Instantly pull and verify data from your CRM, product dashboard, and marketing systems all by asking in Slack, where you already work.

Use your existing chat app to interact with your data

Locusive's copilot can handle your requests from Slack, sharing results and data with your team when necessary, or you can DM it to get answers directly

Quickly search across any document in your knowledge base

Use simple slash commands like /find to locate any document you've added to Locusive, or add new docs or webpages with /add-document

See the reasoning and raw data that led to a response

When you get a response from Locusive, you'll be able to audit how the system came to its conclusion, while also reviewing the raw data it used for yourself.

"Locusive was like having a super teammate on our side who knows all the information about our business."

"What Locusive allows us to do is upload and have all that data and create a library allowing us to access all these different source documents in real time”

John Mantia, Founder, PARCO

Offload your most tedious tasks to our Slack AI copilot.

Chat with your data
Find anything from your data quickly
Integrate your data sources
Get AI-powered answers to questions
Add and search your documents easily
See reasoning and raw data
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