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Best generative AI tools and chatbots for coding

Best generative AI tools and chatbots for coding
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly advanced in various domains. One area that has seen rapid development is generative AI for coding. Generative AI tools have revolutionized the coding process by automating some repetitive tasks and assisting developers in writing high-quality code efficiently. In this article, we will introduce some of the best generative AI tools for coding available today.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI system that provides real-time code suggestions as you write code. Powered by OpenAI's Codex model, it is trained on public code repositories to generate suggestions in multiple programming languages. Copilot acts like an automated pair programmer, analyzing context and generating relevant code proposals within your editor.

How Does GitHub Copilot Work?

Copilot offers code completions based on its training on billions of lines of public code. However, this code may contain flaws, outdated practices, and security risks. Users must rigorously test and secure any code generated by Copilot as they would with code from other sources. GitHub also provides features like code scanning to help monitor quality.

GitHub Copilot Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient coding - Copilot provides reliable, contextual suggestions to boost efficiency. Its knowledge reduces repetitive coding patterns.
  • Enhanced code quality - It identifies errors, suggests improvements, and promotes readability and maintainability.
  • Learning - Copilot is great for learning languages and frameworks by exposing developers to many coding patterns and idioms.
  • AI chatbot interface that lets you ask and receive answers to coding-related questions directly within a supported IDE
  • Rapid prototyping - It helps quickly generate code to test ideas and iterate.

Why GitHub Copilot

GitHub has transformed collaboration and project management for developers. Its version control system enables seamless teamwork with features like pull requests and issue tracking. Many developers highlight GitHub's effectiveness for both personal and professional projects.

Github copilot tool and chatbot for AI coding
GitHub Copilot


TabNine is an AI coding tool that provides real-time code suggestions as you type in IDEs. Compatible across languages, it leverages your code history and patterns to enhance its proposals. While other AIs like ChatGPT can generate code, TabNine stands out for its specialized focus on coding tasks.

How TabNine Works

TabNine utilizes a neural network to analyze your input and predict the most likely next code segment. It tokenizes, encrypts, and sends the data for processing, returning encrypted predictions to display in your editor. Accuracy varies, so users should explore its capabilities and limitations.

TabNine Key Features and Benefits

  • Boosts productivity through excellent autocompletion and AI-suggested snippets based on open-source data.
  • Provides comprehensive code completion using context and comments to infer code intelligently.
  • Model avoids proprietary code and undergoes SOC-2 compliance.
  • Customizable to an organization's codebase without compromising privacy.
  • Flexible isolated execution via SaaS, on-premises, or VPC for security and compliance.
  • Fine-grained data control, only accessing user-connected code.
  • Centralized policy enforcement to mandate configurations.
  • AI chatbot application that allows developers to interact with Tabnine’s AI models in a flexible free-form way, using natural language

Why TabNine?

With seamless integration, multi-language support, and scalability, TabNine has made advances in code completion. Its innovation and growing user base cement its status as a transformative developer tool.

TabNine tool and chatbot app for coding


Codacy is a platform that provides tools to improve code quality, engineering efficiency, and security. It includes static code analysis to accelerate reviews and address technical gaps. Codacy also recently launched "Pulse" for data-driven insights on engineering performance. The platform supports 40+ languages and offers free open-source, cloud, and enterprise versions.

How Codacy Works

Codacy automatically analyzes source code across multiple languages by integrating with Git providers. It tracks work, identifies issues, recommends improvements, and protects codebases from unwanted changes. Codacy monitors code quality metrics like issues, complexity, duplication, and project test coverage. Users sign up with a Git provider, add repositories, and Codacy performs continuous analysis on new commits.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enables starting with healthy, quality code through monitoring and standards enforcement.
  • Empowers fearless code changes via robust testing practices and coverage tracking.
  • Easy integration into existing workflows through native support for popular Git platforms.
  • Centralized dashboard for clear visibility into codebase quality and benchmarking.
  • Prioritized security and risk management to efficiently resolve vulnerabilities.

Why Codacy?

Codacy has made significant positive impacts through its automated tools that enhance code quality and security. Its code review features promote collaboration for better teamwork and learning. Additionally, Codacy helps organizations comply with industry standards, avoiding non-compliance risks.

Codacy tool and chatbot for AI coding


Debuild is an advanced low-code platform that utilizes AI to streamline web application development. Its goal is to create an autonomous system rivaling top engineers to democratize software creation for all.

Debuild appeals to diverse users, including small businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers of all skill levels. Even non-technical users can build web apps without extensive programming knowledge by leveraging AI-driven low-code capabilities.

How Debuild Works

Debuild efficiently generates React components and SQL code and assembles interfaces visually through cutting-edge AI algorithms. This empowers one-click web app deployment, saving time and resources. It is versatile for use cases like e-commerce, social media, productivity tools, and custom enterprise systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface creation and design customization for rapid development.
  • AI-powered automatic code generation of React components and SQL database interactions, removing manual coding needs.
  • Speed to go from concept to deployed functional app in seconds, enabling prototyping and iteration.
  • The free tier provides full access to features at no cost.

Why Debuild?

Debuild helps with web development through its user-friendly and AI-driven approach for efficient and accelerated building of apps. The tool has opened up software creation for less experienced audiences.

Debuild tool and chatbot app for coding
Debuild integrates popular design tools like Figma and Adobe XD via plugins to convert static designs into interactive, responsive prototypes and code. The plugins enable adding responsiveness, interactions, and transitions within the tools to build prototypes.

How Works

Through plugins in familiar design tools, designers can leverage ready-made components to create responsive, interactive prototypes via drag-and-drop without coding. Once finalized, Locofy automatically generates customizable front-end code for frameworks like React, Vue, or Flutter. This design-to-code conversion reduces development time for faster iteration. It streamlines the handoff between design and engineering.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enables using preferred design tools via plugins to add interactions and build reusable component libraries without coding.
  • Automatically generates clean, customizable frontend code from designs for frameworks like React Native and Vue.
  • Facilitates collaboration between designers and developers through interactive prototypes and shared codebase.
  • Significantly reduces repetitive coding work for engineers to focus on complex logic.
  • Great option to create chatbot apps

Why user feedback highlights significant time savings of 80-99% over manual coding with high-quality generated code. Features like responsive previews and exporting modular code are user favorites. Locofy is popularizing design-to-code workflows through automation, enabling faster product development cycles. tool and chatbot app for coding

Other Tools and Chatbots for coding

Here are a few more of the best tools and chatbots for AI coding:

  1. Mutable AI: AI-powered code completion tool that helps developers save time. It allows users to instruct the AI directly to edit their code and provides production-quality code with just one click. It also introduces the automated test generation feature, which lets users generate unit tests automatically using AI and metaprogramming.
  2. Replit: cloud-based IDE that helps developers write, test, and deploy code. It supports many programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, etc. It also includes several templates and starter projects to assist users in getting started quickly. Offers an AI chatbot app.
  3. Minitify: tool that enables developers to save time and enhance their codebase by letting AI create their code documentation. It is compatible with widely used programming languages and easily integrates with major code editors like VS Code and IntelliJ.
  4. Anima: design-to-code platform that enables designers to produce high-fidelity animations and prototypes from their design software. The platform allows designers to generate interactive prototypes by integrating with well-known design tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma.
  5. CodeComplete: software development tool that offers code navigation, analysis, and editing functionality for several programming languages, including Java, C++, Python, and others. To assist developers in creating high-quality, effective, and maintainable code, the tool provides capabilities including code highlighting, code refactoring, code completion, and code suggestions.
  6. Metabob: static code analysis tool for developers that uses artificial intelligence to find and resolve hidden issues before merging code. It offers actionable insights into a project’s code quality and reliability. It is accessible on VS Code, GitHub, and other sites and is compatible with many commonly used programming languages.
  7. Bloop: in-IDE code search engine that helps find and share code using an AI chatbot. Bloop comprehends user codebases, summarizes complex topics, and explains the purpose of code when replying to natural language queries.
  8. Codis: tool that transforms Figma designs into Flutter code suitable for production. Codis enables engineering teams and developers to quickly transform designs into reusable Flutter components, speeding up and lowering the cost of app development.
  9. aiXcoder: AI-powered coding assistance tool that can assist programmers in writing better and faster code. It comprehends the context of the code and offers insightful ideas for code completion using natural language processing and machine learning techniques.
  10. DhiWise: tool that automates the application development lifecycle and immediately produces readable, modular, and reusable code.

Generative AI for Coding

Generative AI has emerged as a transformative technology in coding, revolutionizing software development through AI-powered assistants and chatbots that offer real-time suggestions, completions, and code reviews. Tools like GitHub Copilot, TabNine, and others have proven invaluable by enhancing developer productivity, efficiency, and the overall coding experience.

Beyond accelerating coding, Generative AI also elevates software quality and security by leveraging collective open-source wisdom to identify vulnerabilities and issues, leading to more robust applications.

Generative AI is poised to become integral to software creation, unlocking new possibilities and streamlining workflows. By embracing these AI innovations responsibly, developers can unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and excellence in coding, shaping a more powerful and accessible software development landscape.

If you would like a chatbot AI app to search through your proprietary data, including your code repositories, you can also try Locusive's chatbot. Just click here to get started for free.