Query, Search, And Chat With Your Data Programmatically

Locusive's API lets you automatically search and chat with your data without having to manage your own infrastructure.

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No Additional Infrastructure

Got data? Get answers.
No new infrastructure.

Use your data to create personalized recommendations, perform semantic search, or just as a knowledge base, all without managing new services or infrastructure.

Keeping data in sync requires lots of code, monitoring, and servers

Building a system that can connect to data, monitor it for changes, refresh it, and semantically search over it takes a lot of time and money.

Accurate semantic search takes time and special knowledge

Semantic search can lead to personalized results, but only if you know how to optimize your system with the right configuration.

Data management requires lots of new code and services that add up

The cost of vector databases, LLM access, and engineers grows quickly. It's easier to outsource these operational hassles to a dedicated API.

Search and chat with your data using a simple API

Fast and accurate queries at scale

Fast semantic + keyword search
We use a hybrid search infrastructure with both embedded and sparse vectors to get the most content for your requests within milliseconds.
Automatically refreshed content
We monitor the data across all your existing systems and data sources and automatically re-index it when it changes.
Create your own AI-powered chat systems
Create your own chat system by plugging into Locusive's data management and RAG platform.

An API built for developers who already have enough to handle

Plug into our API to get the data and insights you need for your own app, we'll handle the data pipelines and servers.

No additional infrastructure

Fast and accurate responses to your search and chat queries

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"Locusive's API delivers highly relevant, personalized offers for hundreds of our clients"

"Before working with Locusive, we struggled to find the best way to match opportunities to client profiles at speed”

Ryan Alcorn, Founder, GrantExec
reduction in cost from with Locusive's
semantic search
development hours saved

A single API to help you integrate your data with AI

Fast and accurate search
Search across all your connected data sources programmatically, getting results back in a standard JSON format.
Automatic data refreshing
Let our system figure out when your data is updated and refresh it at the right time.
Centralized data access
Access all of your connected data with a single, central API.
No managed infrastructure
Get the benefits of RAG and AI over your data without having to manage any new infrastructure yourself.

Integrate AI with your existing data sources today.

Learn how Locusive can help you become more data-driven with our API.

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