How To Boost Sales Call Success With A.I. Chatbots

This guide explains how integrating AI-powered chatbots into sales workflows helps sales teams boost productivity and close more deals by providing instant access to answers during sales calls.
Shanif Dhanani
4.8 minutes

Sales calls are a great opportunity to address customer needs and move deals forward. But reps are often bombarded with random product questions they can't immediately answer. They're left scrambling to messaging colleagues, searching scattered documents, or telling customers they'll follow up later.

This friction hurts deal momentum and customer satisfaction. Plus, salespeople waste critical time they could spend building rapport and closing.

Fortunately, connecting intelligent A.I. chatbots into existing sales workflows provides an easy solution. Instead of juggling multiple systems, reps can get answers to any customer question in seconds right within familiar tools like Slack.

In this guide, we’ll show how A.I. chatbots eliminate sales call friction and help you close deals faster.

A.I. Chatbots Give Reps Instant Answers During Sales Calls

On a typical sales call, random customer questions inevitably come up that catch reps off guard. Without quick access to information, salespeople end up resorting to solutions like:

  • Messaging back-and-forth with colleagues to find answers in real-time
  • Asking customers if they can follow up with answers later
  • Fumbling through different systems and documents trying to piece together a response

All these friction points slow down sales calls, hurt customer confidence, and waste precious selling time.

A.I. chatbots solve these problems by providing reps with instant access to answers right within the chat apps they already use everyday.

Instead of switching contexts to dig through documents or message coworkers, reps can simply type questions into the A.I. chatbot instantly during a call to get the information they need in seconds. The A.I. chatbot can provide answers by connecting directly into company knowledge bases, CRM databases, support documents, and more. This gives reps quick access to things like:

  • Product specs and technical details
  • Pricing and payment options
  • Compatibilities and integrations
  • Customer order history and support issues
  • Company policies and capabilities

With an answer to any question just a quick chat message away, reps stay focused on moving the sale forward during calls without frustrating lags.

Key Benefits of A.I. Sales Chatbots

Enabling sales teams to get answers in the flow of calls with A.I. provides huge benefits:

  • Faster closure of deals - Answering questions quickly eliminates obstacles to closing sales
  • Improved customer satisfaction - Buyers appreciate quick, accurate responses vs delayed follow up
  • Increased productivity - Less time wasted searching for answers means more time selling
  • Reduced team friction - Reps don't need to constantly message colleagues for help
  • Enhanced rep confidence - Conversational access to company knowledge gives reps confidence
  • More informed selling - Reps have full context to tailor pitches perfectly

For organizations relying heavily on sales calls, connecting A.I. chatbots into the rep workflow is a game changer.

Key Features to Look For in an A.I. Sales Chatbot

To maximize value, A.I. sales chatbots need a few key capabilities:

  • Integration with company chat apps - Allows chatting with the bot seamlessly without switching apps
  • Integration with company data - Direct connections to company knowledge bases, CRM, docs
  • Conversational capabilities - Ability to understand questions asked in natural language
  • Secure and compliant - Protection of sensitive sales data and information
  • Contextual answers - Responses include relevant customer/product details
  • Scalability - Able to handle high usage across large sales teams

With the right A.I. sales chatbot, reps stay constantly armed with the information they need to land deals.

Setting Up An A.I. Chatbot For Sales - What You Need to Know

Now that you understand the potential of sales chatbots, let's walk through key steps to implement one effectively:

Select Your Chatbot Platform

Many chatbot providers offer sales-focused products. As you evaluate options, consider the key features mentioned above. Locusive provides a chatbot that we can configure to seamlessly fit into your existing chat tools, or if you're using Slack, you can use our existing chatbot for Slack. Here are key steps to set it up for your team:

Install the Locusive Bot in Slack

First, sign up for Locusive and install the chatbot app in your Slack workspace. This gives your whole sales team access to the AI assistant directly in Slack for easy use during sales calls.

Add Your OpenAI API Key

Once you've connected your Slack workspace to Locusive, your next step is to connect your bot to ChatGPT so that you can get meaningful answers to your questions. To get started, just click the button to add your API key, or head over to your organization's settings page, where you'll see a link to take you to your OpenAI API keys page. Just click the link, create an API key, and copy/paste that API key into your settings page and you're all set.

Identify Key Data Sources

Think through the systems and content that contain the product info, policies, specs, and other details needed to address common customer questions. These may include:

  • Product documentation
  • FAQs/support content
  • CRM data like Salesforce
  • Public content with relevant info

Once you've identified the data sources that will best enable your sales team to help answer your customers' questions, head on over to the Integrations page of your Locusive account and connect all of the data sources that you've identified to your account.

Try Asking Questions

With data sources connected, reps can start chatting with the Locusive bot in Slack to get answers to sales questions. The chatbot rapidly searches the connected content and returns concise answers with cited sources.

Refine Over Time

Monitor chatbot conversations and continue adding relevant content and systems. The more connections, the smarter the chatbot gets at serving reps the right information.

With just these simple steps, your team can be leveraging the Locusive sales chatbot to boost sales call success.