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New Feature Release at Locusive: Auditing Responses

Locusive's newest feature, response audits, allows you to double check our AI's work for yourself.
Shanif Dhanani
1.8 minutes

Today we're pleased to introduce a new feature at Locusive for auditing responses. This feature is designed to help you understand how the Locusive assistant

Understanding Response Audits

Response audits provide you with two key pieces of information

  1. An overview of how the system came to its response: The system will describe the overall process it took to respond to your question, while also giving you a breakdown of each step it took
  2. Source data: CSV files that contain any data pulled from databases or other sources, so that you can audit them and make your own conclusions about the accuracy of the data

How It Works

When you send a request to the Locusive assistant, it will continue to respond like it always has — thinking through which of your internal or external data sources it needs to explore, executing tools to pull and analyze data, and synthesizing its findings for you into a final answer. But now, when it sends you its final answer, you'll also see a button below the message that it sends you, giving you the opportunity to see more details. When you click on the button, the system will not only summarize its response, but will also provide you with the data files that it analyzed so that you can check its work. Here's a quick screenshot of a full audit message:

Future Developments

As Locusive continues to evolve, our vision is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to automate most of the day-to-day tasks that you need to do for work, while also giving you the power to manage, supervise, and control how that work gets done. We're continuing to add new integrations, capabilities, and automations into our system, many of which will allow you to see how the system came to its conclusions and what processes it followed as it did so. If you're interested in trying out Locusive on your own data, feel free to request a demo.