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New Feature Release at Locusive: Training Instructions

Explore Locusive's new feature, Training Instructions, which enhances your ability to tailor conversational AI responses by providing contextual company information and specific scenario guidelines.
Shanif Dhanani
1.3 minutes

We're pleased to introduce a new feature at Locusive called Training Instructions. This feature is designed to enhance how our conversational AI interacts with users by allowing for greater customization based on specific business needs.

Understanding Training Instructions

Training Instructions enable you to:

  1. Provide Context: Inform the assistant about your company’s background with every request.
  2. Guide Responses: Specify how the assistant should respond in particular scenarios, including step-by-step instructions for various situations.

How It Works

When you provide these instructions, they are integrated into every interaction with the AI. This means the assistant is not only informed about the general context but also receives direct guidance on handling specific types of inquiries or tasks. Initially, all instructions you provide will be included in the AI’s response process.

Future Developments

As Locusive continues to evolve, we anticipate refining how instructions are used. Potential enhancements include employing a vector database or using semantic similarity scores to determine the most relevant instructions for a given request. This would ensure that the AI is using the most applicable guidance without overwhelming it with unnecessary information.

Goal and Benefits

The primary goal of Training Instructions is to increase the accuracy and relevance of the AI’s responses. By building a comprehensive library of instructions, you can continually improve how the AI serves your specific requirements.

We believe this feature will be a valuable tool for anyone looking to tailor their AI interactions more closely to their operational needs. We invite you to start incorporating Training Instructions into your workflow and see the benefits for yourself.