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Signups For The Free Beta Of Our Chatbot And API Are Now Closed

Signups For The Free Beta Of Our Chatbot And API Are Now Closed
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Last year, we opened up Locusive's chatbot and API for free to any organization that wanted to integrate their internal and external data sources with ChatGPT. Our goal was to create the best possible autonomous agent for business users — a virtual assistant that could answer your questions using your trusted data sources, while also allowing you to automate your workflows, minimize tedious tasks, and waste less time. In the past 10 months, we've been delighted to work with these early users to add new features (and fix the occasional bug!) based on their feedback.

Along with learnings from our beta customers (customer success teams within larger organizations), we're now working to incorporate all of their feedback into a comprehensive customer success co-pilot. Our goal is to create a tool that allows you to automate tedious requests (like pulling data, or answering client questions), while also making it easier for you to more proactively drive upsells and reduce churn.

As we build our CSM co-pilot, we're now closing our free beta to new customers. This will allow us to focus on creating features we need for the co-pilot, while also allowing us to more effectively manage costs that come from operating a free product without a paid version.

Existing customers can continue to login to their accounts and use them on an unlimited basis. Thank you for all your early support!

If you have a pressing need or are particularly interested in using Locusive's free chatbot and API, we're happy to chat with you to get you an account on our existing platform. For all others, please feel free to join our waitlist to be notified when our new CS co-pilot launches.

Thanks again to all our early users, and we look forward to creating an even more powerful assistant to help you manage your customers while also handling all of your tedious admin work, search requests, and information lookups!