Who We Are

We're Data Geeks That Love AI

We're software engineers that believe AI-enabled assistants can dramatically improve the SaaS customer experience. Creating good software is hard, and ensuring high-quality customer experiences are necessary to grow your product and business.

Our free chatbot makes it easy for you to find what you need quickly and easily, our API makes it easy for you to build your own AI-enabled apps, and our upcoming Concierge is designed to significantly improve customer experiences while freeing up your customer success teams to focus on more value-added work.

What we care about

Building Great Products And Being Fun To Work With

We build software because we get a lot of joy out of seeing folks use what we create. We also love seeing business owners growing their companies as a result of what we've done, and we really enjoy working with good people to build cool products.

We care the most about creating something useful that will benefit your business, but we also highly value building a good, oftentimes friendly, working relationship.

Our AI-Enabled Products

Locusive's software makes it easy for your business to use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT to handle complicated requests

Coming Soon: Concierge

Locusive's AI-enabled in-app assistant will enable your SaaS users to self-service on even the most complicated requests

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Free Chatbot For Slack

Our chatbot for Slack allows your internal team to quickly find documents and answers from your trusted knowledge base

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Free API

Our API lets developers store, index, query, and chat with your data sources without maintaining your own infrastructure

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Our Founder

Shanif Dhanani

Shanif started Locusive after working on data and AI projects at smaller startups and larger companies. He saw the potential for businesses to use AI to improve... well, everything, but he also saw how businesses were struggling to implement AI across their operations.

His background is in software and machine learning, and he loves working with hard-working entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses with new AI software and tools.

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