Work with Locusive to bring your clients the best AI tools

Locusive's partner program helps you serve your clients introducing them to new AI technologies with Locusive's platform

Grow Your Business

By introducing Locusive's technology to your customers you'll be able to provide more revenue-generating services

Delight Clients

Build trust and rapport with your  clients by acting as someone who can cut through the AI hype and provide trusted technology

Rev Share

Our partners share in our success — we implement a revenue sharing program for any of your customers that you introduce to Locusive

How It Works

We love working with partners and make it easy to get started

Introductory Call

To get started, we'll set up a quick call where we learn about your business and how you plan on introducing AI to your clients. We can answer any questions you have about our technology and services, and we can give you a sense for how we can help.

Partnership Agreement

Once we've had a chat, we can sign a quick agreement that outlines the terms of our partnership. You'll get a rev share component and support for implementing AI with your clients' businesses.