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Don't have time to plug in our system? We're happy to step in

We know your team might be busy with other things, and we'd be happy to connect your systems into ours to make your life easier

Our Philosophy

Partners — truly, that's what we want to be. With our customers, we tend to go far beyond our core contracts. Whether that's providing free lifetime access to our chatbot for PARCO, or free, extended code updates to GrantExec, or even just a Slack integration to former client, we want to be there to support you.

Not only do we count on long-term relationships for repeat business, but we also enjoy spending time with great people.

Our Work

We help our customers make the most of our API by creating the code and infrastructure they need to use it for their own needs.

We've helped our clients use our API to do everything from creating a list of the most relevant audiences for paid marketing to creating a personalized basket of funding opportunities to creating internal search engines and chatbots.

While we focus almost exclusively on projects that implement our API, we're open to discussing other opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

Our Values

Anyone can create good software, but working with outside developers is rarely a pleasant experience. We want to change that — constant communication, project updates, and building a long-term relationship are important to us, and me.

AI & software

Our Specialty


Minimum Engagement

We love building things people use

Our Why
Our Founder

Shanif Dhanani

Shanif started Locusive after working on data and AI projects at smaller startups and larger companies. He saw the potential for businesses to use AI to improve... well, everything, but he also saw how businesses were struggling to implement AI across their operations.

His background is in software and machine learning, and he loves working with hard-working entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses with new AI software and tools.


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