GrantExec Uses Locusive To Create Personalized Funding Reports

About GrantExec

GrantExec is a startup on a mission to streamline grant seeking for organizations like nonprofits, small businesses, schools, and local governments. But with a vast universe of grant opportunities to parse, manually matching grants to organizations was an inefficient and inaccurate process. By implementing an AI solution from Locusive, GrantExec unlocked the ability to instantly match clients with relevant grants at scale.

The Challenge: A Vast Grant Universe

As a centralized database of available grants, GrantExec had access to a massive corpus of funding opportunities. But with a small team, founder Ryan Alcorn struggled to effectively match this universe of grants to client needs.

"Before working with Locusive, we struggled to find the best way to match opportunities to client profiles at speed," said Alcorn.

Manually parsing grants to surface ideal matches was simply not sustainable as GrantExec's client base grew. They needed a way to leverage AI to transform an intractable data problem into real-time matching.

The Solution: An AI Grant Matching Engine

Locusive's AI offered the perfect solution to parse GrantExec's vast data. The Locusive team took Alcorn's initial hand-coded matching script and optimized it leveraging the latest techniques in generative AI.

“Locusive helped us improve the process of matching grant opportunities for our clients by taking the code that I had initially written and transformed and optimized that process,” Alcorn said.

GrantExec uploaded their entire database of grants and client profiles into Locusive's system. Now GrantExec's clients can conversationally query the AI to surface ideal matches in seconds versus manual searches.

Instant Access to Relevant Grants

By using Locusive's API and chatbot for Slack with their proprietary data, GrantExec unlocked instant access to highly relevant grants for any client.

Our process has now been cut down by at least 80-85%. So we're incredibly happy with the results and the accuracy.

-Ryan Alcorn, CEO of GrantExec

The Locusive integration also enabled a Slack chatbot allowing clients conversational searching. Grant seekers can chat with the AI in natural language to quickly uncover grants worth pursuing.

“Locusive's Slack bot is particularly impressive because we were able to query it in a conversational manner, just like chat GPT. But we were able to identify opportunities just about in real time,” Alcorn noted.

An Aligned Partnership for the Future

But Locusive offered more than just AI technology. Alcorn was highly impressed with their customer service and dedication to creating custom solutions.

“My experience working with the Locusive team was incredible. I was a new client when we came in and we intend to do much more work with them because of our relationship that we've built and the way they've treated us as a client,” said Alcorn.

Rather than just implement a one-size-fits all solution, Locusive took the time to understand GrantExec's specific needs in order to deliver maximum impact. This high-touch partnership gives GrantExec confidence in Locusive as a strategic ally for future projects.

Disrupting Grant Seeking with AI

By leveraging Locusive’s AI capabilities, GrantExec has dramatically improved its core service offering. Instant access to ideally matched grants provides enormous value to GrantExec’s nonprofit clients. GrantExec is now exploring using Locusive’s technology to power new user interfaces and client experiences.

Thanks to an aligned partnership rooted in understanding their specific needs, GrantExec is leveraging AI to disrupt grant seeking and connect organizations to funding faster than ever before.