PARCO Uses Locusive's Chatbot For Slack To Facilitate Knowledge Sharing


PARCO is an ambitious financial services company on a mission to simplify retirement and financial planning for the millions of civil servants employed by the federal government. But with a vast trove of complex regulations and a limited team, delivering high-quality and consistent client experiences proved challenging. AI-powered knowledge management from Locusive enabled PARCO to capture its collective wisdom and serve its rapidly growing customer base without sacrificing service quality.

The Challenge: Turning Complexity into Accessible Guidance

PARCO's CEO, John Mantia, was worried about not having a single, centralized location for getting the trusted answers they needed to answer their client's questions. While some of their staff did have some knowledge from their previous experiences, “having all that data stored in our minds is really inefficient,” said Mantia.

With millions of potential clients, the federal government employs as many individuals, each with their own set of nuanced and ever-changing rules. For a lean company like PARCO, it was impossible to internally retain all the details needed to guide clients. This knowledge gap meant customers experienced inconsistencies depending on which team member they interacted with.

To scale efficiently, PARCO needed to centralize its collective knowledge into an accessible, real-time resource.

The Solution: An AI-Powered Knowledge Vault

Locusive offered the ideal solution to PARCO’s challenge. Our natural language search technology enables users to upload documents and datasets and then query them conversationally.

The PARCO team compiled a vast digital library, uploading their trove of federal employment resources. Regulations, policies, manuals - anything an employee or client might need to understand retirement planning scenarios.

“What Locusive allows us to do is upload and have all that data and create a library allowing us to access all these different source documents in real time,” said Mantia.

Now when clients asked obscure questions, PARCO staff could easily deliver answers by querying Locusive to instantly surface relevant passages and documents.

Knowledge Unlocked: Improved Efficiency and Consistency

With its knowledge vaulted and unlocked by AI, PARCO’s small team could now provide exceptional guidance consistently, without exhaustive internal research. Having their collective wisdom centralized and accessible enterprise-wide was transformative.

With Locusive, it's like having another super teammate on our side who knows all the things we've uploaded. It's made our team a whole lot more efficient and consistent.

- John Mantia, CEO of PARCO

The AI functions like an ever-present team member available 24/7 to provide accurate answers in seconds. Increased efficiency means more time spent strategizing with clients versus churning through research.

And centralized knowledge means every client enjoys a consistent experience. Locusive’s AI empowered PARCO to scale quickly while delivering thoughtful guidance tailored to federal employees’ unique needs and regulations.

An Aligned Partnership to Transform Guidance

But Locusive offered more than just technology. Their commitment to understanding PARCO’s specific business challenges set them apart as a true partner.

“Locusive’s team stood out not just for their technological solution but also for their approach to understanding our unique challenges. They were highly responsive to feedback and went the extra mile to ensure their solution was tailored to our needs,” said Mantia.

This alignment allowed Locusive to provide PARCO with a knowledge solution that wasn’t just a tool, but a game-changer. One that could equip the startup to redefine its team structure and processes to serve clients at scale.

By partnering with Locusive, PARCO gained efficiency and consistency today while investing in a transformative knowledge management solution for the future.